Emma Rourke

On holiday in Spain, my husband and I were discussing the possibilities of buying a Spanish horse, we googled horses for sale in the Estepona region and Dawns website came up, so just for fun we rang her, she answered straight away and I explained what I was looking for a nice calm horse, to do some dressage on, as my old horse needs a quieter life, due to a tendon injury. Not being as young as I was, as pointed out by my husband, I don’t need to be going eventing any more, he reckoned the best I could do for my money was buy a Spanish horse due to their Incredible temperaments and train ability, not to mention I have always loved the look of them. ( and this is a non horsey man, not bad what he has picked up over the years). Dawn put me in touch with Louisa, who was in Cala de Mijas, about 40 minutes away from where we were stAying. Dawn was very confident that I would find what I was looking for and she said that Louisa is honest and the horses are what she says they are.

The next day, we made the journey to Louisa’s yard, she had over 25 beautiful horses to view, however I narrowed it down to three that I rode. Decidido was the last of the three, I had seen him on the website with a young boy riding him, and I liked the look of him, he is. Beautiful dapple grey stallion with a very kind eye. as soon as I got on him I liked him immediately, he has a big walk, never jumped, but I asked them to put a pole down on the ground, which he looked At to begin with but after three minutes was cantering over it in a lovely Rythmn as though he had been doing it all his Life, I never once felt Anxious on him, and he had a superb canter as well.

Decidido, means I have made my decision, and it was the quickest decision I have ever made buying a horse, we had a 5 stage vetting the following day, which he passed with flying colours. Louisa was helpful but very laid back and not pushy in any way. We decided to have him gelded in Spain and after a month he was fit to travel. I was kept updated almost daily on his progress with videos and photos, and Dawn personally travelled with him on the big transporter back to Kent.

On arrival, just under two weeks ago, the transporter could not get down our lane which is very narrow, we met in our village in a Cul-de-sac and she handed him over to me, I led him in a Headcollar, the mile up the lane to our house, he walked with me calmly and very mannerly despite the long journey. I have ridden him nearly every other day since weather permitting, I don’t have a school, so he had to go out on the roads striaght away, in company and on his own, and he hasn’t put a foot wrong. He is attentive to me as a rider, and has also really bonded with me on the ground, very Affectionate and loves a fuss. Today I rode him round a large farmers field in the pouring rAin, pheasants flying up and he didn’t bat an eyelid.

I have to say it has been the most painless way I have ever bought a horse, Louisa sourced and measured him up for tack for me from zaldi, and it is lovely well fitting and doesn’t move, I can’t thank Dawn and Louisa enough for such a Lovely horse, what is really nice to know is that I was hacking past a professional rider and trainers yard on him, and they came out to have a look At him , and they both really liked him, in fact said they thought I had struck gold. I am so excited to start competing him, when we both know each other a little better. I can highly recommend the friendly and professional service That both Dawn And Louisa have given me, nothing has been too much trouble for a buyer who had lots of questions and he has exceeded my expectations and I think there is a lot more to come. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another horse from them again.

Thank you both so much for Decididio, I am thrilled with him.

Emma Rourke