Ami Baker

I’ve had horses all my life and grown up knowing that when buying a horse you
should always see it at least once, check everything including the passport and
have the horse vetted before you make any sort of decision and at all costs,
avoid dealers!! So why then did I find myself making a bank transfer to a woman
I’d never met for a horse I’d only seen in a photo?! Temporary insanity? Maybe!
Or is it Dawn’s professional, friendly, honest attitude? Personally I think it
was the latter (with just a little bit of insanity mixed in). Thanks to Dawn, I
am now the proud owner of a beautiful palomino lusitano filly. I approached Dawn
after studying her website. She replied straight away and right from the start
she treated me like a friend rather than a client. Her communication was
fantastic and she moved heaven and earth to bring Perla and I together. I won’t
deny that buying a horse this way felt alien to me and a bit daunting but Dawn
put my mind at ease with her open and honest answers to all my questions. Perla
is more than I could have hoped for. I would never advise anyone to buy an
unseen horse from someone you don’t know – unless it’s Dawn!! She won’t let you
down and you won’t regret it.

Dawn, I can’t put into words how grateful I am that you came into my life and
brought Perla to me. Thank you.