INSULTANTE  is an outstandingly beautiful and very tall approved PRE stallion, who has a high value in many aspects. He is not only a brilliant ,moving horse for dressage, but also a wonderful friend for life! He has been to ferias and loves to hack out alone or in company. Stabled at a busy mixed training yard, he is used to all kinds of input, there are children running around, dogs and other horses and mares. He is very friendly and socially well behaved. Such a tall horse is a rare finding, a fantastic combination for dressage, sport and leisure prospect. His pedigree makes him also interesting as a future breeding stallion as he is already approved for breeding and has a very interesting size for a PRE. His breeding lines are based almost purely in the breeder Monis Sanchez, going back also to Granda Losada and Yeguada Militar.

Status Sold
Location Spain
Sex Stallion
Capa LG Grey
Height 1.69m
Born 06/10/2013

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