Hacendado PDC II


Hacendado PDC II *09/06/2018 is a tall, baroque PRE, very nice and chunky yet elegant and well moving with lots of expression, well forward, no dishing! A fantastic horse to take over now and continue his training as the basic has been done, he is well handled, absolutely easy going, he has now been ridden in the basics, has a good attitude to work, and loves to play in natural movements in freedom. He has no bad stallion behavior. Friendly horse, will be fun and a joy to train and ride this beautiful horse, an example of his breed standard! His blood lines are based in Marin Garcia going back to Hacendado IV and Pampero VII (calificado). His mother Saeta VS is sired by Digital (calificado & mejorante), who has been the former Spanish Champion of his breed. She is based in Guardiola, Camacho Benitez and Granda Losada.

Status Sold
Location Spain
Sex Stallion
Capa LG Grey
Height 1.65m
Born 09/06/2018
PRE PSL With Papers

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