Price: C/D (€15001-19999)

GALAN CLXXXIV *18/04/2019 is a nice elegant PRE stallion, athletic with excellent confirmation. He has been trained in the basics including hacking out even along busy roads! H is young yet mentally well advanced. He will still grow and fill out as he is young and late developing as most PRs horses. Most amazing pedigree as he is almost pure Yeguada Militar bred as well from his father’s side as from his mother! His is sired by calificado approved and recommended dressage stallion Cerro from Yeguada Militar, rooted in the Agente line. His mother Isla XVI is sired by Descenso (Yeguada Militar) and daughter of the brood mare Limadora ( Los Pozos).

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    Status For Sale
    Location Spain
    Sex Stallion
    Capa LG Bay
    Height 1.65m
    Born 18/04/2019
    PRE PSL With Papers

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