Price: B/C (€10001-14999)

Chicuelo *02/04/2028 is a super medium size strong body built Lusitano crossbreed gelding, perfect allrounder horse for a leisure rider. He also jumps some small jumps. Goes hacking alone or in a company. Good in a normal traffic, cars and bikes but with big trucks gets a bit tense. Does not run away, just wants to turn around so can be perfectly controlled. He lives in a paddock 24h. He can be used for some academical riding, he does shoulder in, leg yield, travers/half pass and walk pirouettes. Also flying changes started.
He is a very self-confident horse and wants to play a lot, eating the rope and treat games with carrots and he can be easily ridden by a less experienced rider who controls own body but not a beginner horse yet. After few days off, he can be straight away ridden in the arena and he does not get “hot”. A superb horse for someone who wants to spend time with him. It would be ideal to share a paddock with friend later on. He was castrated in December 2023.

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    Status For Sale
    Location Spain
    Sex Gelding
    Capa LG Grey
    Height 1.58m
    Born 02/04/2018
    PRE PSL Without Papers

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